Unboxing Halo:Reach!

Watch the Bungie team unbox the different versions of Halo: Reach including the limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 console!
Thanks Karma for finding this video!


Matthew Dunn’s “The Unfortunate Man” Stolen!

Matthew Dunn’s custom figure “The Unfortunate Man” created by kidAkira was stolen from an exhibit this week. If anyone has any information on this figure or see this figure on ebay, collector forums or anywhere else, they can contact him on his website or on his twitter. This news came to us from Pituvision‘s Pitufo alert.

The Brotherhood is Back!!

Welcome to The Brotherhood of Live! This is a place for like minded people who enjoy playing online multiplayer games over XBox Live. We have formed a strong bond over the years and now we have our second (and hopefully final) home.

We all became friends on the Sideshow Collectibles forum. So with our old home gone we decided it would just be easier for everyone to follow a blog site. This site will be dedicated to news and reviews about the things we all enjoy such as games, movies, music etc. Sometimes we get together at events like the recent San Diego Comic Con. When we all get together we will post pictures or videos and also retell some of the stories of the get togethers.

We will have links to some of our Brothers in the blog Roll who have their own sites. Once we get our membership up then we may look at other ways to keep The Brotherhood informed and connected but until then, please enjoy the site.

Don’t forget to register so you can stay informed and become a member of The Brotherhood. Ladies, feel free to register as well! We welcome all to the Brotherhood and have many female members. Check out “About the Brotherhood” to see some of our members XBox Live avatars!