Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham CityBy now everyone should have seen the new Game Informer article on the new Batman Arkham City. The cover art alone was enough to entice me into reading more. As there are about 4 different covers for issue 209, I had the one with Batman and Catwoman back to back with the whip wrapped around Batmans forearm. This game looks to be amazing. It seems as though the madness has spilled out of Arkham Asylums doors into the streets of Arkham City. You once again don the role of Batman and must kick bad guy ass throughout the fortified city and maybe, just maybe, get the girl aka Catwoman or so it’s been hinted at. Game Informer reveals that you will see Two Face and Catwoman in the sequel among others.

Seems as though I missed one fantastic game as I passed over Batman Arkham Asylum. I believe I will have to correct that mistake especially since it has dropped in price. The sequel is due out Fall 2011, so for you out there, like me, who haven’t played Batman: Arkham Asylum yet, we have plenty of time to pick it up and play through it so we can be ready for Arkham City.


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