Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach I hope everyone preordered their copy of Halo: Reach. The game comes out a little over a month from now on 9/14/2010. I am sure some of you will be picking yours up at Midnight Releases, some of you will run out on your lunch breaks and the rest of you will pick yours up after work or sometime there after. I am looking forward to this game as it seems they have put a good deal of time into this project. The multiplayer (which is Halo’s bread and butter) seems tight. It seems as though they kept the same structure but packed some punch into it as well i.e. jetpacks LOL!
As for the game concept, going back in time was exactly what this series needed. It gives the developers a chance to tell the story from the beginning and provide some back history as to why there is only one Spartan left. Having read the book, I know the events that led up to Halo and the lone Spartan. It will be good for those who haven’t read the books to get a chance to see what they truly are fighting for. It will also be good to see some life restored to this franchise (not that it was anywhere near dead). Since the movie got stalled, fans have been waiting for the next big thing from the Halo franchise and hopefully Halo: Reach won’t dissappoint. If you haven’t reserved your copy yet, there is still time.

Limited Edition Legendary Edition Limited Edition Halo Reach XBox


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